The site is built with Jekyll and uses a custom Bootstrap compiled from SASS.

The site is hosted from GitHub. In order to be able to use a grunt pipeline, I don’t rely on Github’s Jekyll build logic, but instead develop on a separate branch and commit the result (with the help of grunt-build-control) to the master branch.


The main font is Crimson Text by Sebastian Kosch. The contact icons are from Font Awesome by Dave Gandy –, embedded with the help of Fontello.


The avatar originates from some web-hosted generator for Skype avatars. I must have created the image in 2007 or 2008, and when asked years later about it, I couldn’t find the provider anymore, I suspect they are gone.

The world map on the CV is from, with the cities added manually afterwards. I took the idea from Sara Soueidan’s site.


I use a grunt pipeline heavily inspired by Yeoman’s webapp generator, customized to work with Jekyll on GitHub. Hence there’s grunt-usemin, grunt-filerev, grunt-browser-sync, etc.

grunt-responsive-images is set up to provide different sizes for the images. grunt-critical and grunt-uncss are part of the CSS processing.

Google PageSpeed Insights is watched upon with a grunt-pagespeed task in combination with ngrok.